Hearst Television Culture

Culture, Vision and Values

Be valued

Because Hearst Television is an established, stable organization with real history and heritage, we have values, a vision and a leadership style that are firmly embedded in our operations. There’s definitely an identifiable ‘Hearst Way’ of doing things: supporting your colleagues, acting with integrity, and always thinking about the bigger picture when making decisions.

Our Leadership Values

Our Leadership Values set a code of standards for our employees in their relationships with colleagues, customers, audiences and the communities we serve. Our values include:

  • Set the highest standards of integrity, character, honesty and fairness.
  • Articulate a clear vision of what is to be accomplished.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Help others succeed.
  • Respect and trust your colleagues.
  • Value different skills, talent and ideas.
  • Recognize good performances.
  • Be customer focused.
  • Be passionate and take pride in what you do.
  • Have fun and WIN!

Leadership Values

Our Shared Sense of Purpose

We recently conducted focus groups with employees from more than 50% of our stations – with the objective of better understanding our culture, our shared ways of working and the features of Hearst Television that people prized the most. The findings were genuinely fascinating. People who work here love the way that they have a voice and opportunities to express themselves. While we may be part of the wider Hearst Corporation, we still have a family feel and a collaborative, supportive environment. There’s a sense of community, and an appreciation of the stability that comes with life in a big organization. At the same time, everybody recognizes that we’re ambitious too. We’re established, but not set in our ways. Big, but never slow to move.
Above all, it’s our integrity that counts the most. We’re renowned for bringing the news to our communities with sincerity and transparency. People trust us – and that makes our employees proud to work here.

Sense of Purpose



The Bigger Picture:

The TV show “Romper Room” originated at WBAL-TV, a Hearst Television station.

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