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Be trusted to deliver

Being a part of our Production team means being trusted to deliver news with integrity. When the moment comes to broadcast, our Production teams are the people who make it happen, taking responsibility for directing newscasts and news anchors in the studio, running switchers, operating cameras, teleprompters and audio-boards, graphics and video equipment, as well as any post-production requirements.

Working in production

Production is the backbone of broadcasting, ensuring that what viewers see when they interact with our new products is technically flawless. From the initial rundown to the final script, we are the timekeepers, the proofreaders, the go-to behind-the-scenes stars who guarantee that each broadcast is a success. The pace is fast and the workflow constant. Outstanding communication skills and teamwork are vital. We look for natural communicators who know how to step onto a studio floor, make themselves known, orchestrate and organize. If you thrive under pressure, have an affinity for breaking news and appreciate that feeling of “we rocked it!” this is the job for you.

An early-career role in production is often considered to be the best way to learn the business of broadcasting – more careers have been launched from our production department than from anywhere else in our business.


The Bigger Picture:

Our Production teams include Newscast Directors, Assistants, Camera Operators and more.

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