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News is where Hearst Television has built its formidable reputation. We’re known for our award-winning coverage, for our integrity and for our relentless dedication to ensuring that people know what is happening in their local communities and around the world. Walk into one of our newsrooms, and you can’t help but feel the energy. There is a passion that drives everyone, from the producers who generate and create the stories to the faces who deliver them.

Working in News Working in News

Whether a consumer watches, reads or clicks on our stories, we pride ourselves on having an impact on the communities we serve. In an ever changing media landscape, we are committed to maintaining our core journalistic values while embracing the technology and platforms that allow us to reach more people in more places. We’re telling compelling stories as we always have – with passion, with integrity, with conviction - but we’re also constantly exploring how to tell those stories differently and to convey the latest news in the most accessible, immediate and shareable ways.

If you share the excitement we have for news and the future of our evolving business, you’ll relish the support we provide, and the opportunities to learn and progress with us.


The Bigger Picture:

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, our News teams continued to report - even when their own homes were under threat.

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