Hearst Television Careers in Engineering & IT

Engineering & IT

Be the foundation of broadcasting

Our Engineering team is one of the best-equipped in the industry. Not just in terms of the technology we use, but also in the innovation and all around expertise we offer. Our IT Engineers take classes to improve their technical knowledge, and to advance both their jobs and their careers. Throughout our teams, we’re plugged into the latest developments, tech trends and ideas, all to ensure that we continue to produce the highest quality news and entertainment programming.

Working in Engineering & IT

We firmly believe that technology will drive our success in the future, and that it will be the foundation for all broadcasting innovation. We’re keen to attract the very best IT and Engineering professionals, not just from within our field but from across the entire technology sector. In light of how broadcasting is evolving in the digital arena, the opportunities to integrate and embrace new technologies are exceptional.


The Bigger Picture:

More than 30 stations. Over 60 channels. 25 million unique visitors to our web sites every month. Our Engineers keep a complex network working perfectly.

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