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News never stands still. News is always emotive, often remarkable, sometimes complex and constantly thought provoking. One of our greatest challenges is making our stories more accessible, more immediate, and capturing the mood with pitch perfect copy and design.

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From our station’s Creative Services departments to our graphics hub in Orlando, our talented artists, writers and editors create graphics and copy that supports and enhances our programming. We also have team members all over the country in our station based Creative Services Departments, who collaborate closely with one another to share assets, ideas and support.

Our work is fast-paced, high-profile, and real-time. We’ve got to keep up with the biggest stories as they break. It’s an exciting, invigorating challenge, which empowers people who have an appetite for constant learning and continuous improvement. Whether it’s developing skills on new software, or training on new programs, we grasp every opportunity to ensure that our stories stand out in a crowded world. We’re committed to becoming better every day.

Regardless of your role, our Creative Services teams are driven, creative and collaborative. We foster a culture of support across our stations and have created feedback and peer development opportunities to stay connected. We share our best work across our stations to make sure we’re all inspired to create best-in-class creative concepts and executions. Our teams also have access to the latest learning and development software and programs to help advance their careers and interests.


The Bigger Picture:

Our Creative Services teams include Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Editors, Promo Producers and Department Managers.

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