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Advertising Operations

Be one step ahead

In a television network of over 30 stations, there are a lot of moving parts. Every Hearst Television employee is responsible, dedicated and knowledgeable in their day-to-day role – but there has to be someone looking at the bigger picture to make absolutely sure nothing slips.

Working in Advertising Operations Working in Advertising Operations

Enter our Advertising Operations department. We’re responsible for the day to day trafficking of advertising, staying ahead of deadlines, and building in contingency to allow for the inevitable twists and turns that every story may hold. That’s why, if you want a successful career within our traffic teams, you need to be flexible, fast on your feet and always one step ahead.

Our national Advertising Operations hub is in Charlotte, NC. It’s fast paced, but you’ll also find support and experienced colleagues to learn from here. Perfect if you’re interested in developing your career.


The Bigger Picture:

Our Ad Operations teams include Content Approval/Distribution, Continuity/Commercial Instructions, Programming and more.

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