Associate Digital Preditor

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Location: Omaha, NE US
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HTV Digital Studios

Job Description

Are you looking for a position that you can contribute fresh, new ideas, be a part of a creative group of professionals, and showcase your digital video talent? Then we are looking for you! 

Hearst TV Digital Studios, located in the renovated Burlington Station in Omaha’s Historic District has an exciting new opportunity for a Part-Time Associate Digital Preditor.

First and foremost, we are looking for someone who is wildly passionate about the future of digital video, and who is hungry to be a part of the digital video heartbeat and uprising. This role will be an integral piece of the new Hearst TV Digital Studios team, a group of professionals who will spearhead the nationally syndicated digital video efforts for Hearst Television.

The ideal candidate will exhibit great creative potential, and have the tenacity and wherewithal to help bring the Director and Digital Preditor’s creative visions to life.

This position will report to Director of Hearst TV Digital Studios.

Job Responsibilities

  • They will be expected to develop, write, gather media, call locations, get release signatures, call prospective on-camera subjects, attach lav mics, run the audio zoom, carry the boom, back up video and audio cards, set up the lights; organize and set up equipment, run errands, jump on camera, pretty much anything production related under the sun.
  • There to assist the needs of the Digital Videographer, Video Coordinator, and Digital Preditor from concept to delivery.
  • Must possess the knowledge and enthusiasm to execute on a variety of genres, including comedy, sports, lifestyle, biography, primetime/late night TV coverage and more, and formats, including short-form, mini-doc, text-overlay shorts, scripted, branded, and more.
  • Every person on this team must have a passion for development and ideation, and the willingness to be a part of an empowering creative culture. All ideas are good ideas that will lead to the greater good of the studio.
  • Sound is by far the most underrated part of every production, and this person must see to it that every video Hearst TV Digital Studios produces showcases the very best possible audio our equipment can provide. Will handle audio in studio and on location.
  • Will be highly involved in weekly video development and pitch meeting.
  • Malleable enough to pivot quickly with creative if faced with a time crunch.
  • Must possess the imagination to tell compelling stories in a generally low budget, high volume video situation. (Locations, set pieces, talent, etc.).

Required Skills

  • Strong writer. The ability to tell a story from a truly compelling and unique point of view.
  • A major passion for digital video.
  • A student of the digital video game. (Knowledge of influential digital video entities like NowThis, Great Big Story, Vox, Upworthy, .Mic, Buzzfeed, and Vice)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro editing capability.
  • Basic knowledge of Google Drive and MS Office
  • Willingness to be collaborative in a family-like team atmosphere.
  • Must exhibit tenacious, upstart mentality.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and time management skills. Communication is everything.
  • A caring, respectful, and passionate team player.

Required Experience

  • 1+ years of experience being a part of making awesome videos. Show example links and/or reel.
  • Willingness and ability to be on-camera a plus.
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